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15 Magical Benefits of Onions That Keep the Doctor Away

Onions may make you cry, but they are extremely good for your health. Along with garlic, leeks and chives, onions belong to the allium (lily) family, which contain sulphur compounds. While these compounds have a strong pungent odour that can be irritating to some, they contain very useful antimicrobial elements which fight a lot of harmful bacteria like salmonella and E. coli. This sulphur content also helps to prevent platelet clumping; in fact you will probably be surprised at the numerous health benefits of onions

Onion is used in almost every home in Asian countries to eat and cook. In ancient Mesopotamia it had the reputation of curing everything and the most recent studies confirm more and more the vast diversity of curative and preventive powers of onion. There are certain nutrition in onions. It is a repository of precious minerals like iron, sulfur, vitamin C and copper which increase the body’s physical capacity. Thirty years ago, Naturopath Eric Nigelle said o…

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